1. Out of your overflow, ministry means serving others.
  2. Be consistent. Always finish what you start, and stay on task.
  3. We are here for the kids. Build relationships with them because they need you, and they might just change your life as well!
  4. Please come with no preconceived notions. These kids have already been judged by the world. They need love, grace, and peace (the fruits of the spirit, not religious judgment).
  5. Always do what you say and understand. This can be challenging both physically and emotionally.
    If this is you, we want to learn more about you and your volunteer interests! To request a volunteer packet, please send an email to J.J Schweiger at  [email protected] or call 940-716-9898.

All adult volunteers must undergo a background check.

We need approximately 100 people to effectively run our ministry internally.

1. Teen Nights (Fridays and Saturdays): Needs range from crowd control, snack bar responsibilities, one-on-one basketball, playing pool, video games, security, being a guest speaker (share your testimony, teach a lesson from God’s word, etc.), planning and event preparation, laundry, painting, decorating, and taking photos.

2. Drama (weekly): Needs include transportation during the week, prop/set construction, event coordination with schools and churches, and more. Our drama program is an outreach to the youth where they can learn how to share what Christ has done for them through drama and creative arts.

3. King of Kings Discipleship (weekly): Needs include painting, wall artwork, ability to travel and encourage, sponsoring a child, fundraising, laundry, and more. King of Kings is designed to develop the young men and women mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually using martial arts and the bible as a way to achieve these goals.

4. The King’s Daughter Discipleship (weekly): Needs include mentoring, back-up teachers, counseling, and strong women of God committed to consistent prayer. This ministry is a Bible study and training to build self-esteem and wisdom specifically for young ladies.

5. Community Service/Teen Court: This ministry teaches the value of work, mostly within the building by cleaning, organizing, setting up for holidays and events, taking care of the yard, and more. This outreach program encourages the youth to complete their community service at Straight Street and thus hear the Gospel and learn how to walk in line with God’s will for their lives.

6. Sound and Media: Opportunities include running the soundboard on Friday and Saturday nights, coordinating logistics with speakers, working with the drama team and Unplugged Music Ministry, creating and editing videos, managing our website, editing our newsletter, and fundraising.

1. Special Events: This is an invaluable experience for both internal and external ministries. All of our events require additional manpower. Some of them include a 3-on-3 basketball tournament with MSU, Teen Make a Difference Day, Compassion Connection, Public Speaking for MSU, WFISD, and Church Mission Events, and more.

2. Valentine’s Dance (Community Outreach and Fundraiser): Needs are event preparation and, gathering items for auction, visiting with businesses about sponsorship, decorating, and more.

3. KAA (Kids Across America): This is our annual mission trip outreach sending between 70-100 young people to camp in Branson, Mo for 8 days. The goal is to strengthen them in the Word of God through discipleship. They are removed them from their daily life circumstances for this trip, which we believe has saved lives. We need missionaries willing to answer the call with their time.

4. Education and Employment Opportunities: Help us create and provide dynamic learning opportunities and employment for Straight Street youth to become productive citizens in the Wichita Falls community.

5. Ambassador to your church and the community: Speak at MSU, WFISD, churches, and educate local organizations and corporations on the mission and purpose of Straight Street.

6. Prayer and financial support: Commit to pray for the leadership, youth, and needs of Straight Street and/or make a financial commitment to sustain and further the ministry need to the young people in our community.

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