The many outreach programs at Straight Street include:
Straight Talk

Planting seeds from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Education and Employment

God has a plan for a future and a hope. Once saved, education and employment will help the youth change their futures to be productive members of our community.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Family Values and Morals
Unplugged Music Ministry

Dramatic display of the Gospel to reach others and bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ using creative arts

King of Kings
SS Camp

with the ARC of WichitaFalls 70-100 special young people, 2 weeks right here at home

Fresh Start Tattoo Removal

Helps remove tattoos on hands, necks and faces, and scars from cutting and aides in getting employment, into the military, and out of gangs

Multi-media Ministry

This ministry includes helping to run the soundboard on Friday and Saturday nights, working with speakers, collaborating with the drama team and music ministry, creating and editing videos, fundraising, managing the website, and editing the newsletter.

Community Service (Teen Court)

Teen court encourages the youth to do their community service at Straight Street and thus hear the Gospel and learn the straight path. This ministry teaches the value of work.

Street Smart
Teens Helping Teens
Prom Dresses for Princesses

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