Volunteer FAQ’S

FAQ’s about Volunteering at Straight Street

Q: What is the mission and purpose of Straight Street?

A:  The mission and purpose of Straight Street is to provide a SAFE Christian environment for *at-risk youth where they can come and develop under God’s divine plan for their life. 

*At-risk for our purposes is an 11-18 yr old who is behaving in such a way that if a caring adult does not step into their life with some help, they stand a Very High likelihood of hurting themselves or others. 

A:  Straight Street is an outreach ministry to help the teens in the areas of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.  We provide food, clothing, hygiene products, trained counselors on standby and help with emergency situations.  Our goal is to fulfill the needs of *at-risk teens so we can share that God Does Have a Plan and Purpose for their Lives.

Q: What are the requirements for me to volunteer?

A:  All you are required to do is be a born again Christian, attending a local church, fill out our volunteer questionnaire and criminal background check, and go through a semi-annual training with staff.

A:  As a Board Member: again, a born again Christian, attending a local church, you are Recruited by an existing Board member, go through the Straight Street Board of Directors book: choose your committee assignments and then report to the chairs of each committee for direction.  Should you Not have a committee preference, one will be chosen for you; with ministry growth and needs committees will change, expand and progress.

Q: What exactly is my responsibility as an adult volunteer at Straight Street?

A: We pray for volunteers and Board members that feel they are called by God to serve here.  We ask for a willingness and heart for the youth that have already been judged by the world, they need to see God’s love Demonstrated, we are the Mission Field.   

Our Mission is Purely Benevolent:  James 1:27

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is This, to visit the fatherless in their Time of Need.

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